The name : We don’t have the pretention to be the best but what we will make you discover and tested taste will be very authentic,”Real”.

Our logo represents a French Crepe and the color of our Brittany Flag. The Brittany flag is inspired by the American flag who represents for us hope for the creation of a new nation. The Brittany flag is also called Gwen Ha Du  (dialect). It’s composed of nine black and white horizontal stripes and on the corner 11 hermines.(armoiries of the Duke of Brittany).

Catherine, burned and raised in Brittany and Jean-Jacques who lived in Brittany for many years,  welcome you into a warm, cozy and authentic ambiance. The black and white decor associated to the natural wood will make. You feel in Brittany for the time of your meal.

Typical Brittany Meal : You can start with by the degustation of a galette made with buckwheat flour (gluten free). Then you continue your meal with a crepe. In Brittany,  a cup of apple cider to served in a traditional clay cup called bolée.

For the sweet tooth a choice of Brittany desserts will be available.

NOW CATERING (see to little more page)


Tues/Thur : 9.00 AM – 5.00 PM

Fri/Sat : 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM

Sun : 8.30 AM – 2.00 PM

Closed : Monday

Please ask for hour catering & private event packages

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# 160
LAS VEGAS – NV- 89128

Phone : 702 – 701 – 4516
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